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T.M.J. Tutoring is a team of young, relatable tutors who are passionate about helping secondary students achieve their best. All T.M.J. tutors are high performers in their VCE specialist subjects and understand how to teach in an efficient and engaging way, always with an eye on how to help improve study scores. Like us, our business is young but we’re growing, and dedicated to our goals of student success and giving our clients the best possible experience. We have seen such amazing progression and growth in all our students in their respective academic endeavours, and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Angus & Tyler

Our Subjects

What We Teach

VCE English
VCE English Language
VCE Literature
VCE History Revolutions

Humanities & Languages

From a complex and nuanced understanding of some of society’s greatest literature like Photograph 51 and Pride and Prejudice to extensive historical analysis’ of both the American and Chinese revolutions, T.M.J has a tutor suited for your specific needs.

Further Maths
Maths Methods
Specialist Maths


With maths ranging across 3 levels in VCE it has always been T.M.J’s endeavour to extensively cover every aspect. From financial maths in Further Mathematics to integration by differentiation in Mathematical Methods and finally vector calculus in Specialist Maths, we know it all.

VCE Media

Art and Design

Whether you’re struggling to comprehend the notions imbued within Agency and Control within Media or even having difficulty in constructing and visualising your major projects in Art and Visual Communication Design, you know there’ll be a T.M.J tutor for you.


VCE Chemistry
VCE Biology
VCE Physics
VCE Psychology
VCE Health and Human Development
VCE Physical Education


Dynamic equilibrium, recombinant plasmids, inelastic or elastic collisions. These are just a few key areas that students may have discovered challenging across Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Whether it be these, or any other area of the study design our tutors will increase your understanding exponentially.


VCE Business Management
VCE Economics
VCE Accounting
VCE Legal Studies
VCE Global Politics

Accounting & Finance

Both business and finance play a huge part of our lives and our futures. The multitude of students that study these subjects means that T.M.J is comprehensively equipped to tackle any query or task. From recording and analysing financial data in Accounting to macroeconomic goals in Economics, all of it is covered by our expert tutors.

Physical Education

Year 7-10

Instilling efficient study practices from a young age can only be beneficial to children’s academic future as they enter the daunting VCE system. Being through the process themselves, all our tutors understand the delicate and caring nature that’s required when dealing with the younger age groups.

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Our tutors have all been extensively selected for their vast tutoring experience and subject expertise to ensure a quality service in correlation with our stellar reputation.

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Our Clients

Loved and Trusted

Year 7-10 Mathematics Help

My daughter was a reluctant maths student. However, our tutor was quick to develop a relaxed and fun learning environment. She has taught my daughter to be curious about math topics and encouraged her to attempt more complex problems.

Danielle (Parent)

VCE Chemistry Help

I can’t speak highly enough of our tutor and the help he has given my son. As a tutor his subject knowledge in Chemistry and Maths is excellent. He is very methodical in his approach and always easy to understand. He also has a friendly, polite, and professional manner.

Karen (Parent)

VCE English Help

Helped out heaps with English leading up to SACs and exam period. A very efficient and compassionate tutor which made English significantly easier to manage.

Luca (Student)

General VCE Assistance

Really reliable and I can always count on them when my daughter needs help before an assignment or exam.

Deborah (Parent)

General VCE Assistance

My son’s tutor from TMJ has developed a strong rapport with my son, the quality of interaction, teaching and support he has given has resulted in my son becoming a confident learner, more willing to ask questions and take risks.

Danielle (Parent)

VCE Biology Assistance

Extremely effective tutoring and very articulate with his teachings. I thoroughly enjoy his flexibility and reliability as a student. Very knowledgeable in terms of the content relative to the study design and overall, provides exceptionally excellent help that reflects well on my grades.

Annie (Student)

General VCE Help

I love the flexibility of being able to schedule and pay for sessions at our leisure, it really accommodates our busy lifestyle, so thankful I heard about them.

Mark (Parent)

General Year 7-10 Help

My year 10 son really enjoys TMJ’s sessions. It allows him to engage and learn in a fun and interactive way. They really changed his attitude towards his studies in a positive way.

Cindy (Parent)

General VCE Assistance

My tutor is extremely reliable and relatable. He is always willing to tutor for longer when I need help. He is very easy to get along with which makes the sessions more enjoyable.

Ned (Student)

Accelerated Maths Assistance

My son has found the accelerated Year 10 maths tutoring provided by TMJ to be extremely beneficial. His tutor provides clear, easy to understand and precise instructions and explanations, which have supported my son’s learning and high standard of achievement.

Jacqui (Parent)

General VCE Assistance

I just started with TMJ for my daughter in her VCE subjects. The way they go above and beyond to correct and mark work and constantly check in with my daughter, which really makes her feel supported. My only regret is that I didn’t start with them sooner.

Susan (Parent)

General VCE Assistance

My tutor is really helpful in explaining difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

Lachie (Student)

Year 7-10 Maths Assistance

My daughter’s tutor has an approachable style and creates a relaxed yet structured approach to learning. She explains things clearly and has increased my teens’ enthusiasm for and confidence in his maths.

Anna (Parent)

General VCE Assistance

My year 12 son has been with TMJ for most of this year for VCE English. The talent and expertise they show in taking him through content is amazing. His grades have improved substantially.

Mary (Parent)

General Year 7-10 Assistance

My year 8 daughter has been with TMJ for just over a year now. I’m so happy that she can learn in a safe environment where she feels she can be herself.

Sarah (Parent)

General VCE Assistance

I just started with TMJ for my daughter in his VCE subjects. The way they go above and beyond to correct and mark work and constantly check in with my daughter, which really makes her feel supported. My only regret is that I didn’t start with them sooner.

Susan (Parent)

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    Angus M.

    English 45
    Media 44
    Chemistry 45 (Scaled)

    Hi, my name is Angus and I graduated from St Kevins College in 2019 with an ATAR of 97.45 with a raw study score of 45 in English and scaled 45 in Chemistry. I have been tutoring, extensively, for over a year now aiming to provide a high quality service to both VCE and younger students. In 2019 I tutored privately, in tandem with other tutoring businesses and was selected to tutor for St Kevins. Outside of my studies I enjoy playing cricket, footy and producing films, tying in with my current University degree – a Bachelor of Film & Television (w Honours). I look forward to not only meeting you, but working with you in 2021 to help you achieve the results you desire!

    Anthony W.

    Physical Education 47

    Hello TMJ Tutoring community,
    My name is Anthony Wilks. I completed VCE in 2020, graduating with an ATAR of 99.20. My study scores included 47 in Physical Education, 44 in Chemistry, 38 in Specialist Maths, 42 in Maths Methods, 43 in English and 43 in Biology. I will begin studying a Science/Engineering double degree at Monash University in 2021. I am an effective listener, communicator and have extensive full course notes available from each of my subjects. I am passionate about helping students to learn and achieve to their full potential! I am also able to give advice on balancing study with co-curricular activities, family commitments and social events. My hobbies include golf, basketball and catching up with friends.