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About Us

What We’re About

Upon finishing our final years at school, we recognised that there were many problems with current tutoring for secondary and VCE students.

Many tutoring companies adopted the misconception that high scoring students, derived from their study scores, would provide high quality service.

However, whilst this demonstrates their knowledge and ability on the subject in question, it provides no evidence or guarantee that they will be able to teach this content to another student in an efficient and engaging manner.

After graduating in 2019 from St Kevin’s College and being specifically selected to tutor for St Kevin’s 2020 year 12 cohort, and privately for secondary and VCE students, we decided to resolve this problem by creating our own company.

Alongside our university degrees of Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University and Bachelor of Film & Television (Honours), we decided to align in order to establish a company whose reputation speaks for itself.

We at T.M.J. Tutoring, believe we are the best purely through our mission; emphasising a quality service, delivered by an excelled and experienced tutor, cultivated off of the interpersonal relationships between tutor and student.

We believe tutoring is more than simply transferring knowledge, it is the cultivation of relationships off of the mutual drive for success. In which the tutor, in a mentor role, goes above and beyond educating the student preparing them for their respective subject(s) in question and life beyond.

– Tyler & Angus